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Customer Experience for
Financial Services

8 OCTOBER 2016

As a Silver Sponsor of the Customer Experience Exchange Financial Services conference, we are excited to help financial services companies transform their digital experience, so no one slams their mouse in frustration.

Development Heroes at CXFS

Attended by select senior executives from leading corporations this conference is focused on evolving customer experiences to align with and support the digital transformation efforts of their organization.

We will be meeting one-on-one with attendees at the the conference to discuss their digital goals and challenges around user design, content strategy, multi-channel delivery, and how to use analytics to provide more personalized and targeted experiences. If you’re attending the conference, we would love to discuss your needs.

Let’s Talk. To learn more about Development Heroes’ Services, please contact us or call (646) 844-4784.

Development Heroes Presents: Defining "Design" for Streamlined CX Results

Picture of Alan GornickPresented by Alan Gornick III, VP of Customer Experience for Development Heroes. Join Alan as he shares the principles of CX design that craft digital customer experiences. Tuesday, October 11th at 9:00 am.

Learn the individual pieces and processes that create fully effective CX design. Provide your CX organization with clear directives and measurable tactics. Make your CX Design useful, usable, attractive and desirable to your customers. A solid understanding of the actionable parts of CX enables you to:

  • Define purposeful and complete design principles with easier buy-in.
  • Raise your organization’s morale with unified directives.
  • Hire the right designers for better productivity and outcomes.
  • Avoid costly productivity slowdowns.
  • Design with rationale, so designs can evolve.
  • Make the most of all available CX design tactics.
  • Be engaging, and meet your customer’s needs.

Let’s Talk. To learn more about Development Heroes’ CX Design Services, please contact us or call (646) 844-4784.

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